Six years really isn't all that long in Hollywood time for a project to languish in development hell (just ask Artemis Fowl), but it can still seem like Jamie Foxx has been talking about doing a Mike Tyson biopic for a small eternity. The film, which was first announced in 2014, hasn't made much progress since then (Martin Scorsese was reportedly going to direct it at one point, but seems otherwise occupied at the moment), but Foxx has confirmed that the biopic is officially happening.

On Mark Birnbaum's Instagram Live series Catching Up on Wednesday (the relevant portion begins around the 53-minute mark), the actor said the biopic is moving forward when asked for a definite answer. "It's a definitive yes," Foxx said. "Look, doing biographies is a tough thing. Sometimes it takes 20 years to get them done. But we officially got the real ball rolling."

Jamie Foxx; Mike Tyson
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images; John Lamparski/Getty Images

Foxx also teased some of the details of the film, saying he hopes to depict the "different lives" of the boxing legend. "We want to show, everybody evolves," Foxx said. "I think when we lay the layers on Mike Tyson in this story, I think everybody from young and old will be able to understand this man's journey."

"And then just the technology of how I'm gonna look, I guarantee you people will run up on me in the street, and ask for autographs, and think that I'm Mike," he added, noting that he is undergoing a strict training regimen to achieve the physical transformation to portray Tyson at the height of his career. "Every other day, I do 60 pull-ups, we do 60 dips, we do 100 push-ups," Foxx said, quipping, "I ain't got no calf muscles, so we might have to get some prosthetics for that." (The vocal transformation won't be a problem: Foxx also shows off a pitch-perfect Tyson impression in the episode.)

Of course, in Hollywood, any apparently definitive yes can turn out to be a false hope, but one would certainly hope all that training won't go to waste. Perhaps Foxx could pull a Robert De Niro and embark on an amateur boxing career if the film doesn't end up happening.

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