The director of the new DC superhero film was nonchalant when asked about spiteful user reviews.

Has The Suicide Squad become the latest battlefield for internal fan feuds about DC superhero movies? Director James Gunn certainly doesn't want it to be.

As the release date approaches for his latest film (a sequel to the 2016 Suicide Squad movie directed by David Ayer, continuing its premise of the U.S. government recruiting a misfit group of supervillains and antiheroes to perform dangerous missions in exchange for commuted sentences), some Twitter users have pointed out signs that some people are trying to "review-bomb" The Suicide Squad before it even comes out.

Review-bombing is a practice by which blocs of fans get together to flood a project with negative reviews in the hopes of tarnishing its reputation and worsening its box office performance. Social media users who noticed this phenomenon happening to The Suicide Squad suggested it might be the work of partisans for either Zack Snyder's DC films or Ayer's original Suicide Squad (like Snyder with Justice League, Ayer has told EW that the finished version of Suicide Squad was not his preferred cut). But when Gunn was asked about this on Twitter, he was nonchalant.

"I'll live - stuff like this means nothing in the big picture," Gunn tweeted in response to @hydeandgeek. "And important to point out most the SnyderCut fans have been supportive, it's only a few who feel it's worthwhile spending their time doing stuff like this."

So far, any attempts at review bombing do not seem to have had much effect. The Suicide Squad's user review average remains at a solid 8.0, with lots of positive write-ups backing that up. For what it's worth, EW's Leah Greenblatt gave The Suicide Squad a C+ in her review, praising "its mounting body count buffeted by goofball banter and pounding soundtrack cues."

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max on Aug. 5, when everyone can see for themselves.

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