Director has an ongoing fake feud with Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy actor.

By Clark Collis
March 25, 2020 at 04:37 PM EDT

Director James Gunn has cast Michael Rooker in all of his movies to date, from 2006's Slither through both Guardians of the Galaxy films to the upcoming The Suicide Squad. But over the years, the pair have maintained a fake feud with Gunn contending that Rooker is a pain in the butt and Rooker essentially that he is the one most responsible for the success Gunn has enjoyed and a better-looking gent to boot. When EW bumped into Rooker on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 the actor contended "there's no feud at all. It’s an ongoing debate as to who has a handsomer reflection in the mirror. It’s obvious. I mean, right?"

Well, on Wednesday, Gunn decided to take matters up a notch in a tweet which showed a photograph of some toilet paper bearing images of Rooker's face and announced that thanks to the coronavirus pandemic the director is now apparently cleaning his derriere with the actor's face.

"I bought a bunch of these rolls of toilet paper as a joke when Rooker came over for Christmas a couple years ago," wrote Gunn. "I put them in all the bathrooms of the house. I never thought we were actually going to have to use them, but here we are."

See the post below.

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