The costars discuss the meaning of love and why this is the first time Smith has ever cried watching a movie he's in.

 Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith are bringing the love to the holidays this year with Life in a Year.

The young adult romance from director Mitja Okorn stars the two actors as a couple facing insurmountable odds as fiery, spontaneous Isabelle (Delevingne) has only a year to live, and driven, sheltered Daryn (Smith) promises to give her their entire life of milestones together in the time she has left. And during a Zoom call with each other (shared exclusively with EW), Delevingne praised the tearjerker for showing "what real love means."

Life in a Year (screen grab)
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"Right now, it coming out, it's just such a crazy time. That movie, the whole meaning of it, it's very real," she tells Smith during their conversation about the film. "It teaches you about love and what real love means and that love can be painful and it can be devastating but it's also the thing we need the most and that will save the world. I don't think anyone can watch this movie and not bring a tear to your eye, but it also makes you laugh, it also makes you just feel a lot. I think that's so important."

And Smith agreed. "That's what I really love about it too," he says, adding that while he had never cried seeing himself onscreen before like in The Pursuit of Happyness, he actually lost it while watching Life in a Year. "I remember crying in the beginning when I wasn't supposed to be crying," he says. "I cried at multiple different times in the movie. And I usually don't get that type of effect from a movie that I'm in... it just really got to me."

Watch the video above to see their entire conversation about the movie, all the celebrity cameos, why they were excited to star in the film together, and more.

Life in a Year begins streaming Nov. 27 on Amazon Prime.

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