Say hello to the new Bonnie and Clyde in Infamous.

EW has your exclusive first look at the new movie starring Bella Thorne and Jake Manley as Gen Z's version of the iconic criminal couple. Written and directed by Joshua Caldwell (Layover, Negative), Infamous follows Arielle (Thorne), a small-town girl with the dream of becoming famous no matter what, as her life turns upside down when she meets Dean (Manley), an ex-con working for his abusive father.

The two have an instant connection, but after the accidental death of Dean’s dad, they're forced to go on the run. Their plan to finance the trip? Robbing gas stations and small shops. But Arielle's thirst for notoriety motivates her to livestream their crime spree, and the two become a modern-day viral sensation on social media as their dream turns bloody and violent, bringing new meaning to the term social media clout.

"With Infamous, we explore the lengths people will go to achieve relevance in the wild world of social media. What better vehicle for this than Bella Thorne?" Caldwell tells EW. "She’s a boundary-pushing, driving force online and off, and her performance elevates this film into a neon candy adrenaline thrill ride."

But will this modern-day Bonnie and Clyde duo head for the same tragic ending as their icons? Check out the exclusive first trailer for Infamous above, and the poster below:

Credit: Vertical Entertainment

Infamous comes out June 12.

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