Hugh Jackman is trolling Ryan Reynolds once again.

The X-Men star shared a bit of "career advice" for Reynolds from a New York City police officer and apparent Deadpool fan on Saturday, advice which essentially amounts to giving Jackman a role in the upcoming third Deadpool film.

"Hey Ryan, you've got to get this guy in Deadpool 3," Officer John Dobkowski said in a video Jackman posted to Twitter. "Even if it's for a 10-minute cameo, that would be awesome. That movie would be so cool, so great, it would blow the box office."

Dobkowski also jokingly threatened to give Reynolds a ticket if Jackman doesn't appear in the movie.

"Officer Dobkowski is doling out incredibly smart career advice for @VancityReynolds," Jackman wrote alongside the video. "Sharing is caring."

Jackman and Reynolds frequently rib each other online and in interviews as part of an ongoing "feud." Last year, Reynolds crashed a virtual X-Men cast reunion, while Jackman joked that his Emmy nomination for Bad Education might leave the Deadpool star feeling bitter.

"I don't think he's going to get out of bed for three days," Jackman said during an Associated Press interview.

Deadpool 3 is currently still in development; in November, Bob's Burgers writers Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux were tapped to write the script. The film, should it come to fruition, would be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney's acquisition of Deadpool studio Fox, but Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has said it will retain an R rating.

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