Can they rewrite the stars and make it happen?
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A million dreams aren't keeping Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams awake. Just one.

After Williams voiced her support for a sequel to The Greatest Showman, should Hollywood ever decide to make one, Jackman chimed in at an event for Tony Award nominees in New York City.

"Listen, if you know anything about my filmography, you'd know I'm totally against sequels in every shape or form," the actor, Tony nominated for his performance in Broadway's The Music Man, jokingly told PEOPLE on Thursday. "No more than nine films!"

He was alluding to the fact that he appeared as Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, in nine X-Men movies, starting with the 2000 original and ending with 2017's Logan.

On a more serious note, Jackman added, "I'm always open, if they come up with a good idea. Yeah, I'm open!"

The Greatest Showman
Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams star in 'The Greatest Showman.'
| Credit: Niko Tavernise/20th Century Studios

Jackman starred as P.T. Barnum, an ambitious entrepreneur who forms the Barnum & Bailey Circus, in The Greatest Showman, opposite Williams, who played Barnum's wife, Charity.

"I would make another one of those in a heartbeat," Williams said of The Greatest Showman in a cover story interview with Variety published earlier this week. "I wish they'd make a sequel."

She continued, "That movie brought so much joy to so many people, and to make people that happy, man, that is a worthwhile thing to spend your time doing. I really love that movie. My daughter Matilda sang those songs. My mom is still listening to that soundtrack… I love making things for kids that are full of joy and positivity."

Jackman previously spoke about the challenges of getting an original movie musical made in Hollywood. (See the video interview with PEOPLE TV above.) But the film, fueled by songs written by Tony winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (Dear Evan Hansen, La La Land), went on to make bank — after its release, The Greatest Showman raked in $434.9 million at the global box office.

Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Keala Settle also starred in the movie, which included powerhouse songs like "The Greatest Show," "A Million Dreams," "Rewrite the Stars," and "This Is Me." Because of the soundtrack's popularity, musicians like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Sara Bareilles, Panic! at the Disco, Kesha, and more united to record a covers album of all its music.

Will a sequel ever actually happen? It's now in Disney's hands after the studio purchased 20th Century Fox, which released The Greatest Showman in 2017. Maybe Jackman and Williams can rewrite the stars once more.

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