Director plans on watching a John Carpenter triple bill.


The release of director David Gordon Green's Halloween Kills may have been delayed until next October due to the coronavirus. But the filmmaker is still having a very Halloween-y Halloween.

On Thursday morning, we posted a first look at The Legend of Halloween, Green and fellow director Onur Tukel's illustrated retelling of John Carpenter's original 1978 Halloween. Later in the day, Green and crew dropped a new teaser trailer for Halloween Kills in the course of the movie's panel at the BlumFest virtual event.

So, has Green had enough Halloween for one Halloween? Nope. Green reveals to EW that he plans to screen Carpenter's movie to mark the festival of Samhain, the start of a triple bill of movies by the legendary filmmaker.

"Well, Halloween is Carpenter’s holiday as far as I’m concerned," says the director, whose other credits include All the Real Girls, Pineapple Express, and the 2018 Halloween. "I’m actually going to screen the original Halloween film on Friday and then on Saturday, on Halloween, I’m going to watch The Thing and Christine. I usually try and make it a moment when I look back in appreciation of the godfather.

What is Carpenter's special sauce?

"It always feels like the director’s having fun," says Green. "There’s a spirit behind it that, if it’s a sick slasher film or Big Trouble in Little China, I always feel like there’s somebody back there that’s puppeteering not just a clinically-crafted film, but he’s back there with a sense of humor and a wit that I just really appreciate on all his movies."

Watch a trailer from The Thing above.

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