Don't mess with the Turnblads...

Harvey Fierstein and Marissa Jaret Winokur have reunited to help longtime friend and self-proclaimed "suburban housewife" Cathryn Michon to troll President Donald Trump.

The Hairspray stars and Michon, a filmmaker and screenwriter, produced a video titled The Real (Fake!) Housewives of Donald Trump in response to the president, who has been trying to secure votes from suburban women after a poll showed he was losing ground with that key demographic ahead of the election.

"Suburban women, they should like me more than anybody here tonight because I ended the regulation that destroyed your neighborhood," Trump said during a stop in Pennsylvania in reference to his repeal of an Obama-era housing regulation designed to eliminate racial disparities in the suburbs. "I ended the regulation that brought crime to the suburbs and you're going to live the American dream," he continued, before pleading, "Suburban women, will you please like me? Please? I saved your damn neighborhood, okay?"

Michon, who co-wrote A Dog's Purpose and its sequel A Dog's Journey, was inspired to create the parody video to show Trump that not every suburban housewife supports his xenophobic rhetoric.

"I am one of the 'Suburban Housewives!' about whom Donald Trump has been insult-tweeting all these months because clearly, he thinks we stepped out of a 1950's time machine and spend our time vacuuming in pearls and being terrified of people of color," said Michon in an exclusive statement to EW. 

"I'm also a filmmaker, because like most 'housewives' I have a job as well as step-kids, and the only people I'm terrified of in my neighborhood are people like Trump who refuse to wear a mask. It turns out, according to Nate Silver's lead story today, that my fellow June Cleavers and I are going to turn this election against Trump, as long as we show up at the polls.  Because if there's one thing we suburban housewives can do, it's clean up a damn mess.  You're welcome! Please enjoy this video starring a couple of my fellow (Tony-winning) housewives."

Watch the video in full above.

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