Just when we thought we were out, The Godfather has pulled us back in.

Timed to the 30th anniversary of The Godfather: Part III, writer-director Francis Ford Coppola is releasing a re-edit of the epic trilogy's final chapter, now dubbed Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. EW has the exclusive first look at the trailer (above) for Coppola and author Mario Puzo's "true vision" of how they meant to conclude the saga.

Coppola says Coda was his and Puzo's "preferred title" and "original intentions" for Part III. This never-before-seen version features a new beginning, ending, restored footage and sound, and rearranged scenes, shots, and music cues. "The picture has been given new life," declares the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

In addition to the trailer, EW also exclusively has a special video message from Coppola, which serves as the introduction for Coda.

Released in 1990, 16 years after Best Picture winner The Godfather: Part II, the third film failed to reach the same legendary heights as its predecessors. Although, Part III still earned seven Oscar nominations. Much of the talk has long centered on what could have been had Robert Duvall not passed on returning and multiple rising A-list actresses didn't drop out of starring as Michael's (Al Pacino) daughter Mary, a role that would eventually be played by Coppola's daughter Sofia, who has gone on to become a famous filmmaker in her own right.

Now, Coda looks to carve out a new legacy upon its release Dec. 4 in theaters and Dec. 8 on Blu-ray and digital.

Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, Coda
Credit: Paramount

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