"My sense of justice is very strong," the Wonder Woman actress said in a new interview.

Justice League

Wonder Woman has a strong sense of justice — and so does the woman who plays her.

In new interview with Elle magazine, Gal Gadot opened up about standing up for herself on the set of Justice League, where she clashed with director Joss Whedon after he was brought in to finish the film in Zack Snyder's stead.

"Oh, I was shaking trees as soon as it happened," Gadot said of her friction with Whedon, who she has said threatened her career. "And I must say that the heads of Warner Bros., they took care of it."

The Wonder Woman star added, "I would've done the same thing, I think, if I was a man. Would he tell me what he told me had I been a man? I don't know. We'll never know. But my sense of justice is very strong. I was shocked by the way that he spoke to me."

Gal Gadot, Joss Whedon
Gal Gadot and Joss Whedon
| Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Representatives for Whedon and for Warner Bros., the studio behind Justice League, didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment Monday.

Word of a dispute between Gadot and Whedon was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter in April, in a larger piece about Justice League actor Ray Fisher's public criticism of Whedon and Warner Bros. Gadot told THR in a statement, "I had my issues with [Whedon] and Warner Bros. handled it in a timely manner."

A month later, the actress told the Israeli news outlet N12 that Whedon "kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable and I just took care of it instead."

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