Test audiences asked for more Clovers in the film, according to Union.

The cheerocracy of test audiences ensured that the Clovers received more screen time in Bring It On, the 2000 cult classic starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union as spunky cheer team captains.

According to Union, she and her fellow Clovers — portrayed by R&B girl group Blaque members Shamari Fears DeVoe, Brandi Williams, and the late Natina Reed — returned to shoot additional snippets for the film after it had wrapped to mirror the trailer, all at the request of test audiences who wanted more Clovers.

"Story time," Union said in TikTok shared on Saturday that featured clips from the movie. "So we shot these snippets that you see here after the movie wrapped because once test audiences saw the movie, they wanted more of the Clovers."

She explained, "We shot these only for the trailer, not for the movie to make people think we were in the movie more than we were. The end."

The teen sports comedy, directed by Peyton Reed, follows Toro cheer captain Torrance Shipman (Dunst) of Rancho Carne High who learns that the former captain of her championship-winning squad has been stealing routines from the Clovers, a rival cheer team from East Compton led by captain Iris (Union).

EW reached out to reps for Reed about the behind-the-scenes tidbit.

While Union's character has been largely hailed as a cultural icon, the actress revealed that she regrets how she portrayed Isis, lamenting that she "muzzled" her, in an interview with Good Morning America in September.

BRING IT ON, Gabrielle Union, Natina Reed
Gabrielle Union as Isis in 'Bring it On'
| Credit: Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

"I was given full reign to do whatever I wanted with Isis in Bring It On, and I chose respectability and to be classy and take the high road because I felt like that would make her be appropriate — the right kind of Black girl," she said. "Black girls aren't allowed to be angry — certainly not demonstratively angry — and I muzzled her."

"I realized that I need to come to grips and acknowledge where I failed Isis," she added. "When given full control, I made her 'appropriate.'" As for what she would have done different, Union said, "I would have read the Toros for filth," as well as "allowed her to be angry" and "allowed her her full humanity," adding, "Part of being a full human is the ability to express rage when harmed."

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