Take a peek at the scares coming for the Friday the 13th-esque chapter.

The horrors of Fear Street have only just begun.

After the first of the film trilogy of terrors premiered on Netflix last week, the streamer released the trailer for Part 2 to preview what's in store for viewers this coming Friday.

Based on Goosebumps author R.L. Stine's books, Fear Street Part 1: 1994 told of a group of teens in the cursed town of Shadyside who took on a malevolent force that has plagued their home for decades. Part 2: 1978 now goes back in time to an earlier decade where the joys of summer camp turn into nightmares when a murderer stalks the grounds. The Friday the 13th vibes are real.

"One way or another you're gonna die tonight," a new group of victims are warned.

Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke appeared in Part 1, and now Sadie Sink, another star from the Duffer Brothers' hit show, is running scared in Part 2.

"The way that the actors and I worked in that movie was different than in the '90s," Fear Street director Leigh Janiak previously told EW of Part 2. "They live in a slightly more stylized world, they fit more traditional archetypes versus the '90s characters."

All three parts tell a connected story across the years with Part 3, releasing next week, going back to 1666.

"We've done slasher movies in various ways, and I was interested in how we could reinvent the genre a little bit," Janiak said. "Part of that came from this opportunity to tell a different kind of story that had a bigger narrative, connected over all three, that you need to watch in a short amount of time to get the full experience. It's not a traditional sequel model."

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