Journey to the town of Shadyside for a chilling look at the opening moments of the R.L. Stine adaptation set to haunt your dreams.
'Fear Street Part 1: 1994'
| Credit: Netflix

A midweek chiller has arrived just days before the Fear Street Trilogy is set to terrorize viewers.

The eerie first five minutes of the initial installment in the series, Fear Street Part 1:1994, is now available to watch ahead of the film's Netflix premiere on Friday.

Based on R.L. Stine's best-selling horror books, the three-part event follows a group of teenagers who begin to suspect that the horrifying events that have haunted their town for decades may be connected — and that they may be the next targets. The three productions, directed by Leigh Janiak, unfold over a period of 300 years.

Announced in May, the Fear Street Trilogy marks a first for the streaming platform and the horror genre, as all three films will be unveiled weekly as part of a summer movie event. While Fear Street Part 1: 1994 hits the platform on July 2, Part 2: 1987 and Part 3: 1666 will be released on July 9 and July 16, respectively.

"I love the slasher movie, but we've done that, right?" Janiak previously told EW. "We've done slasher movies in various ways, and I was interested in how we could reinvent the genre a little bit. Part of that came from this opportunity to tell a different kind of story that had a bigger narrative, connected over all three, that you need to watch in a short amount of time to get the full experience. It's not a traditional sequel model."

Journey to the town of Shadyside for the gasp-inducing opening moments of the first film below.

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