A pair of first-time filmmakers set out to make bank by telling a tale about the first prayer in space.

A couple of slackers are convinced that making a religious film can translate into big bucks in Faith Based, a comedy intent on having the last laugh when it lands on Oct. 9.

The plot revolves around would-be filmmakers Luke (Luke Barnett, who also wrote Faith Based) and best friend Tanner (Tanner Thomason) who are on a mission to get rich quick by telling a faith-based tale about the first intergalactic prayer by way of their new film A Prayer in Space. And their film doesn't even need to be good, according to an executive played by Margaret Cho.

"For these movies to make money, you need some keywords in the title," Cho says in the first trailer above, debuting exclusively on EW. "Purpose, faith, prayer, heaven."

"You know, Thoughts and Prayers, the Movie; Prayer and Prejudice; Faith and Furious," a second executive (Chris Marquette) adds.

Faith Based
Credit: Phill Bourque

Seinfeld's Jason Alexander stars as Nicky Steele, a crooked CEO who inspires Luke with his collection of catchphrases that don't actually mean anything like, "The only thing standing between you and your dreams is you and your dreams."

Neither Luke nor Tanner let the fact that they have no experience making a film get in the way of what they're convinced is their impending success.

"I wanted to make the best Christian movie Jesus has ever seen," Luke says. "It's time to show my dad what we can do." Tanner adds, "This seems like a lot of work."

Faith Based
Credit: Faith Based Production

The Office's David Koechner stars as Butch Savage, an actor well past his prime who'll portray God in Luke and Tanner's out-of-this-world production. The comedy, directed by Vincent Masciale (Fear, Inc.) also stars The Wire's Lance Reddick, Christoph Sanders, Carly Craig, Richard Riehle, Marlon Young, Danielle Nicolet, Lisa Schwartz, and Danny Woodburn.

Faith Based will open in select theaters and be available to rent and own on Digital internet, cable, and satellite VOD platforms on Oct. 9.

Watch the exclusive trailer above.

Trailer courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

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