Get Out (2017)DANIEL KALUUYA as Chris Washington
Credit: Universal Pictures

February is Black History Month, and in honor of its annual observance, EW's latest crossword puzzle celebrates Black culture and icons. If you want to see how you fared, check out the answer key below, as well as the answers to EW's Role Play and Jumble Book challenges.


February 2021 Crossword Key

Role Play

  1. Mathayus in The Scorpion King (2002)
  2. Hercules in Hercules (2014)
  3. Dr. Smolder Bravestone in Jumanji (2016)
  4. Hobbs in Fast Five (2011)

The Jumble Book

Question: Why is Daredevil's favorite holiday Valentine's Day?

Black Widow
Luke Cage
Captain Marvel
Foggy Nelson

Answer: Love Is Blind

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