When it comes to people calling her film Cruella the next Joker, star Emma Stone says not so fast.

The 101 Dalmatians prequel and Cruella De Vil origin story follows the fur-crazed fashionista in 1970s London, long before she became the dreaded heiress who wants to make coats out of puppies. When the first trailer was released last month, social media was abuzz with comparisons of the film to 2019's Joker, which told an origin story for the famous Batman villain.

But in a recent interview with Total Film, Stone said the two films are not particularly similar. "It's very different from Joker in many ways," she said, adding, "I would never even remotely compare myself to [Joker star] Joaquin Phoenix. I wish I was more like him."

Cruella director Craig Gillespie said that comparisons are only natural given that both are villain origin stories. "There are some really deep, emotional things that Cruella's dealing with that send her to the villainous darker side. So in that sense, it is [similar]," he said. "But it's definitely its own thing. Just to sort of reframe Cruella, I thought it was important to show this darker side of her. But there's going to be a lot of fun, a lot of humor in it. There's a lot of absolutely delightful banter and rhythm to the style of it, which is different from Joker."

Cruella also stars Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry as Cruella's henchmen Horace and Jasper, and Emma Thompson as the Baroness, the head of a fashion house where Cruella works. The film is slated for release in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access on May 28.

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