By Nick Romano
March 11, 2020 at 08:57 AM EDT

The horrors of A Quiet Place meets the horrors of plane travel.

With A Quiet Place Part II heading towards theaters, Emily Blunt joined forces with Jimmy Kimmel for a new Quiet Place parody, A Quiet Plane. It's a new spoof airline in which the monsters from A Quiet Place roam about the cabin and eat people who are noisy.

Awkward conversations with strangers? You better not. Obnoxious phone conversations? Blunt will put that phone in a tea kettle. Flight attendant announcements? Don't worry. The monsters will eat them, too. So, no more intercom offers for the airline credit card.

"Thank you for flying A Quiet Plane," Blunt says in the parody promo. "Now shut the f— up and enjoy your flight."

Blunt returns as Evelyn Abbott in A Quiet Place Part II, which is again directed and written by John Krasinski. The film arrives in theaters March 20.

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