Watch a video taken at Disney World's mall in Orlando of stormtroopers encouraging visitors to wear masks and social distance.

Disney has called in the Star Wars infantry to encourage social distancing.

A video (below) taken by Attractions Magazine at Disney World's shopping district Disney Springs in Orlando shows a pair of First Order Stormtroopers playfully enforcing pandemic protection measures such as wearing masks and keeping an appropriate distance from others.

The apparently prerecorded dialogue is played as two stormtroopers perform on a balcony for the benefit of guests passing by below.

"Stay in your sector!" one stormtrooper warns the other when he gets too close. Then she draws an imaginary line to separate them and he backs off.

Later, one stormtrooper notes that male banthas (those large hairy creatures ridden by stormtroopers on the planet Tatooine in A New Hope) can reach 3.9 meters long, and the other warns again about getting too close.

"Yeah, I'm going to need you to move one male bantha's length away, please."

"Roger that," replies the other stormtrooper as he increases his distance.

The Disney mall also requires guests to wear masks (on ages two and up), so that's in the dialogue as well.

"Some nice face coverings down there. Probably nicer than these helmets."

And then later:

"Hey, you! With the face covering!" one trooper yells down to the passing crowd.

"They all have face coverings," the other trooper retorts.

"Well, we made them all look," says the first.

"And now they all know who's in charge."

Disney Springs began to reopen May 20. In addition to wearing masks, the mall also requires a temperature check to enter.

The main Disney World park has been closed since March 15 and will reopen in mid-July. The company has announced its new park safety protocols will include limiting the number of visitors, mandatory masks, and roaming "highly energetic" squads that will enforce social distancing. If the stormtroopers are any indication, this is apparently the sort of pandemic theme park integration Disney is looking for.

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