Aline Brosh McKenna dishes on the status of Nate and Andy's relationship, where Emily has jetted off to, and which character is still "in hell" from his Runway days.

Did Miranda ever pay Nigel back after stabbing him in the back with a cold, hard stiletto? Will all of those clothes from Paris fit Emily? Do they have bread in Boston? These are the questions that lingered at the end of director David Frankel's 2006 masterpiece The Devil Wears Prada, a tale of a struggling journalist, Andy (Anne Hathaway), cutting her teeth (and shredding deep personal ties in the process) while working through ungodly pressure at Runway fashion magazine. As part of EW's 15-year anniversary reunion with the cast and crew, screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna attempts to give closure to fans wondering where the Runway family might be today. Read on for McKenna's full breakdown.

The Devil Wears Prada
Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Emily Blunt in 'The Devil Wears Prada.'
| Credit: Barry Wetcher/20th Century Studios

Andy (Anne Hathaway)

"Andy has a podcast on Slate or works for Axios. She definitely has a Twitter that's news, and she feels strongly about climate change. She had a pink pussycat hat in 2016, and went to the Women's March!"

Nate (Adrian Grenier)

"Nate is still working in various restaurants and kitchens."

Andy and Nate (as a couple)

"No, [Nate and Andy are not together]! I don't think they've seen each other in 10 years. They'll see each other at some college reunion. And I think he's dating a really cool chef who has a pierced nose and cool clothes that she bought at a thrift store. Andy is moving in a different world of Twitter, blogs, online news, and [still] scrambling."

Emily (Emily Blunt)

"Emily has done something fantastic, maybe married some sort of minor member of the Scandinavian Royal Family and lives somewhere incredible and still wears avant-garde clothes and is in the Denmark tabloids wearing some fabulous asymmetric taffeta thing."

Doug (Rich Sommer)

"Doug quit his job and is an outdoorsy guy and wears Patagonia, but still picks up [Runway]."

Lily (Tracie Thoms)

"Lily is super successful in the art world, and has her own gallery and is fabulous!"

Nigel (Stanley Tucci) and Miranda (Meryl Streep)

"Miranda still has her fingernails into the difficult climbing wall that is fashion and media and has probably only expanded her range.... Nigel is still by her side. I don't think he ever gets out. It's the Faust story, and he's in hell. He's still ferrying people back and forth across the River Styx, because he doesn't have a choice."

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