Mazar responded after EW broke the news that the Uncut Gems actress met with the singer about portraying the Goodfellas star in the film.

Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox could soon push her Hollywood career over the borderline, taking on the role of Debi Mazar in the new Madonna biopic — a potential move the pop star's longtime friend and collaborator addressed Wednesday in a lengthy Instagram post.

After EW broke the news Saturday that Fox met with Madonna to discuss playing Mazar in the superstar's self-directed movie about her life, Mazar wrote that her phone had "literally blown up" with requests for more information about the possible casting.

"I find it all quite amusing, but what I find most interesting is that someone will be playing ME!" Mazar wrote in the caption alongside vintage photos of her and Madonna. "It's surreal! I have NO idea how the script reads or who Madonna has in mind. We have been friends for so dam [sic] long, I'm curious! It sure has been a journey."

She also promised that her "visionary" friend Madonna "has an epic story to tell" and that she "can't wait" to see where the film ends up going.

Though she and Fox participated in a joint interview with Document Journal in August 2021, Mazar said she's never met the performer in person, but does think "she is gorgeous, smart, and a very talented actress!"

"Funny enough, she reminds me more of Madonna when we were young, then [sic] of myself!" Mazar wrote. "I'd obviously be flattered. I wish the best to all the gals who audition! If you need dance moves or accent coaching, gimme a ring."

Mazar, 57, is perhaps best known for her roles in the film Goodfellas and the series Younger and Entourage, but she also has a decades-long friendship with Madonna that started when they met in an elevator at New York City's Danceteria nightclub in the 1980s. Mazar went on to star in several of Madonna's music videos, including "True Blue" and "Music."

"We got on the dance floor and tore it up," Mazar previously told EW of meeting Madonna at the time. "We exchanged phone numbers and that was it. We became friends!"

Madonna has been working on bringing her life story to the big screen for years, with Universal Pictures and Amy Pascal jumping on board to produce the movie (with Madonna in the director's chair) in September 2020. The singer-songwriter began writing her script with Oscar winner Diablo Cody (Juno) that same year. EW previously confirmed that Cody finished a full draft of the screenplay before moving on to other projects, with Erin Wilson reportedly stepping in to continue work on it after she left.

Debi Mazar; Julia Fox; Madonna
Debi Mazar; Julia Fox; Madonna
| Credit: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic, Victor Boyko/Getty Images; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Most of the film, Madonna has revealed in the past, will chronicle her "struggle as an artist trying to survive in a man's world as a woman," which she described as a "happy, sad, mad, crazy, good, bad, and ugly" tale.

In several social media posts throughout 2020, Madonna and Cody discussed including the icon's experiences as a budding icon in New York City who'd later write "Like a Prayer," star in Evita, and form a lasting connection with Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza and Luis Xtravaganza of the Harlem ballroom scene, which inspired and contributed to the success of her 1990 smash "Vogue."

The movie's release date and further casting details — including the actress who will play a young Madonna — have yet to be announced, though fans have expressed interest in seeing Ozark's Julia Garner or Black Widow's Florence Pugh take on the role after Madonna followed them on Instagram during the film's gestation.

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