The star's onscreen credits included the horror classics Tenebrae and Opera.
Daria Nicolodi
Credit: alamy

Actress and screenwriter Daria Nicolodi has died at the age of 70. Nicolodi's death was confirmed by her daughter, actress Asia Argento, on Thursday.

Nicolodi appeared in many of the horror movies directed by her offscreen partner Dario Argento including 1975's Deep Red, 1982's Tenebrae, 1985's Phenomena, and 1987's Opera. She also co-wrote the 1977 original Argento-directed Suspiria. Nicolodi's other onscreen credits included filmmaker Mario Bava's 1977 film Shock and 2000's Scarlet Diva, which was directed by Asia Argento.

"Rest in peace beloved mother," Asia wrote on Instagram. "Now you can fly free with your great spirit and you won't have to suffer anymore. I will try to go on for your beloved grandchildren and especially for you who would never want to see me so grieved. Even if without you I miss the ground under my feet, and I feel I have lost my only true point of reference. I am close to all those who have known and loved her. I will always be your Aria, Daria."

Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, Doctor Strange filmmaker Scott Derrickson, and actress Barbara Crampton have all paid tribute to the late star on Twitter.

"RIP to the wonderful Daria Nicolodi, co writer of Suspiria and truly magnetic star of Shock, Tenebrae, Phenomena, Opera and, my very favourite, Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)," wrote Wright.

"Truly saddened to hear about the passing of Daria Nicolodi, writer of Suspiria, star of Deep Red and other Argento films," wrote Derrickson. "She was deeply loved."

"Rip Daria Nicolodi," Crampton wrote on Twitter. "Fabulous writer and performer. You gave us so many gifts. This hurts my heart."

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