Mulan / New Mutants
Credit: Jasin Boland/Disney; Claire Folger/20th Centuries Studios
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Mulan won't be getting down to business just yet.

Disney announced Thursday that due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, the studio will be rescheduling three of its upcoming films for later in 2020. The Niki Caro-directed Mulan was previously set to open March 27, with The New Mutants slated for April 3, and the horror film Antlers set for April 17.

Per Disney, the studio is looking at potential other release dates for 2020 and plans to announce new dates soon.

Mulan, New Mutants, and Antlers are just three of the latest Hollywood releases to be postponed in the wake of the coronavirus. Just this morning, director John Krasinski announced plans to reschedule his A Quiet Place Part II, while Universal pushed its Fast & Furious 9 all the way back to 2021.

Disney's announcement comes just days after the Hollywood premiere for Mulan, with early reactions praising it as one of the studio's best live-action remakes yet. The retelling of the classic Chinese legend stars Liu Yifei as the young woman who disguises herself as a man to join the army.

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