Mamma Mia! It's Bobble Cher.

Cher — the Goddess of Pop and godmother to all us gypsies, tramps, and thieves — can take many forms: Oscar winner, Meryl Streep's mom, taste-maker, burlesque club owner. It's the transformative power of Cher. Now, the Queen of Reinvention has reinvented herself once more... this time as a bobblehead.

Cher descends down into EW's exclusive look at the Bobbleheads: The Movie trailer in a puff of stage smoke and disco-ball glitz. The singer-actress gets a big head from all this attention as a guest star voicing her own bobblehead in the upcoming animated movie.

She's basically the guardian angel to a bunch of Toy Story-esque misfit bobbleheads, minus the pink bubble, plus one enlarged bobbly head. When the toys' humans go "AWOL," they must defend their home from unexpected guests, two uninvited intruders who hope to swap a new baseball player bobblehead for a valuable one. That's where Bobble Cher steps in to offer some bobble wisdom.

Cher was last seen in the Mamma Mia! movie sequel, Here We Go Again, after which she released an album of ABBA covers called Dancing Queen.

Also voicing characters are The Boys star Karen Fukuhara as a bobble named Ikioi, Dollface's Brenda Song as skater-boarding bobble Kelani, The Walking Dead's Khary Peyton as baseball bobble Deuce, Warlock's Julian Sands as cat bobble Purrbles, and Luke Wilson and Jennifer Coolidge as the two "trashy humans" (per an official description), Earl and Binky.

Bobbleheads: The Movie, directed by Beauty and the Beast's Kirk Wise and produced by Mortal Kombat's Lawrence Kasanoff, will be available on Digital, DVD, and on demand from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment this Dec. 8. It will also stream on Netflix at a later date.

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