Voice actor Chris Sabat and producer Norihiro Hayashida preview the newest installment in the long-running, world-famous anime franchise.

The latest Dragon Ball movie pits the Z fighters against an adversary unlike any they've faced before: Superheroes. We've got an exclusive look both at these new enemies and the familiar faces on display.

That's right, the new movie is titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and that's not just a play on the name of the most recent TV series in the world-famous anime franchise. The story literally involves costumed crimefighters making themselves known in the world of Dragon Ball — and despite their professed good intentions, it's clear that something's up. For one thing, they're androids — and in Dragon Ball, that's never a good thing. Their arrival marks the resurgence of the Red Ribbon Army.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
The new android 'superhero' characters of 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.'
| Credit: Crunchyroll

"This movie really asks some questions about, what is a superhero? What defines a superhero, and how can superheroes sometimes be misguided?" Longtime Dragon Ball English-language voice actor Chris Sabat, who reprises his roles as Piccolo and Vegeta in the new film, told EW at San Diego Comic-Con. "There's a big theme about what it means when a superhero isn't necessarily given the right information."

When it comes to the protagonists, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has a specific focus. While the last film in the series, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, was mostly centered on Goku and Vegeta, Super Hero revolves around Piccolo (Sabat) and Gohan (Kyle Hebert) as the heroes primarily responsible for stopping this new threat. As motivation, it helps that Gohan's young daughter Pan (Jeannie Tirado) is in the villains' crosshairs.

"One thing this movie definitely drives home is not just Piccolo's friendship with Gohan, but Piccolo's love for Gohan and his entire family," Sabat says. "Piccolo has spent quite a bit of time looking after Pan in a lot of ways. In the Dragon Ball Super series, there were scenes with him babysitting Pan, rocking her, stuff like that. It becomes clear in this movie that he is just like a great uncle or a family member to their family. He genuinely feels for Gohan. He definitely loves Pan."

Below, check out an exclusive breakdown of the primary characters of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, from Piccolo and Gohan to the new faces of the Red Ribbon Army. These new characters were designed by original Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, who is still adding to his most popular franchise years decades after he first began.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
From familiar faces like Gohan and Piccolo to new enemies like Magenta, here are the main characters of 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.'
| Credit: Crunchyroll

"All the fans of Dragon Ball, not only in Japan but worldwide, are the source of this imagination," producer Norihiro Hayashida told EW at Comic-Con. "That's why Mr. Toriyama continues working on this. The power given by the audience is the motivation for the creator to continue working on Dragon Ball."

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hits theaters on Aug. 19. Check out the trailer above.

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