Even setting aside Kevin Garnett's supporting role as himself, Uncut Gems is unusually packed with celebrity cameos, from the Weeknd, Trinidad James, and John Amos also appearing as themselves to Natasha Lyonne and Tilda Swinton's voice-only roles on phone calls. But the film apparently almost had one additional star on board: Cam'ron.

Let us explain. Complex recently released an interview with New York diamond district jewelers Joe and Izzy Aranbayev, who helped Adam Sandler get into character for the film (according to the interview, Sandler shadowed Izzy for two months for research purposes) and provided pieces of jewelry for him to wear. According to Izzy, writer-directors Josh and Benny Safdie got in touch with him through Cam'ron, who called the jeweler and told him the filmmakers would be stopping by with Sandler. The "Oh Boy" rapper then posted a clip from the Complex interview on Instagram, claiming the Safdies "used" him for his connections, then shut him out of the film.

Cam'ron Uncut Gem
Credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage; A24

"Thanks @izzyaviannes for keeping it 100. @booger_nose [Josh Safdie] used me to get to you and the family. Then tried to give me a sucker ass role," Cam'ron wrote. "When they told me it was supposed to be me and @jonahhill starring in it before @adamsandler got on board (uncut Jems) then didn’t even give me a thank you in the credits."

The exact nature of the "sucker ass role" Cam'ron was allegedly offered is unclear; however, in the Uncut Gems screenplay (which A24 briefly posted online during awards season), the rapper briefly appears alongside Lakeith Stanfield's Demany in one of the final scenes. According to Complex, the Aranbayevs were also supposed to appear in the film at one point, playing (naturally) jewelers. While they didn't make the cut, Izzy's son Jonathan did, playing the son of Sandler's character, Howard Ratner.

EW has reached out to A24 for comment.

Uncut Gems is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, and for purchase or rental on digital platforms.

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