The attendee expressed, uh, displeasure with the new franchise film, and Campbell clapped back in hilarious fashion.

One SXSW attendee wasn't feeling groovy at the festival's Evil Dead Rise premiere, but franchise star Bruce Campbell shut the heckler down in epic fashion.

"This movie f---ing sucks," an audience member said during the cast and crew Q&A Wednesday night, shortly after the film screened for a large crowd at the Austin-based event.

Other audience members booed the man, who got up from his balcony seat and proceeded to exit the Paramount Theatre while throwing a middle finger to those on stage.

"What are you doing here? Get the f--- outta here," Campbell then shouted from the stage, to which the audience erupted in applause.

Though Campbell does not appear in Evil Dead Rise, directed by Lee Cronin, he did return to the franchise he helped launch with filmmaker Sam Raimi in 1981 as an executive producer.

The 64-year-old actor recently revealed that he'd consider returning to the series if Raimi were to step back into the director's chair, though he had previously announced his retirement from playing the character of Ash following the cancelation of the Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead in 2018.

Bruce Campbell attends the "Evil Dead Rise" premiere at SXSW at The Paramount Theatre on March 15, 2023 in Austin, Texas. ; LILY SULLIVAN as Beth in New Line Cinema’s horror film “EVIL DEAD RISE,”
Bruce Campbell at SXSW
| Credit: Rick Kern/FilmMagic; Warner Bros. Pictures

"If Sam says, 'I, Sam Raimi, will direct another Evil Dead movie,' then I, Bruce Campbell, will consider being in it," he told Fangoria. "I don't want to be Ash tended to by other people. Sam's the meanest director I've ever worked with, and Ash needs a little bit of that to shine. And I think Sam's the only director now who I won't punch in the face making an Evil Dead movie!"

He continued, "I just want the right circumstances. Because Sam, even though he's done studio movies, he's still a good director! So, I want Sam! I'll do it for Sam."

Evil Dead Rise is out April 21. Watch Campbell shut down a heckler at SXSW above.

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