The film's cast includes Anna Friel and Britt Robertson.

Writer-director Clive Barker burst onto the genre in the mid-'80s with Books of Blood, his six-volume series of short stories that moved Stephen King to hail the Brit as the "the future of horror." Now, Hulu has set about attempting to capture the warped flavor of those tomes in a movie, Books of Blood, which promises to take audiences on a journey into uncharted and forbidden territory through three uncanny tales tangled in space and time.

The film is directed by Brannon Braga and stars Britt Robertson, Rafi Gavron, Anna Friel, Yul Vazquez, and Freda Foh Shen. Books of Blood is executive produced by Braga, Seth MacFarlane, Erica Huggins, Alana Kleiman, Brian Witten, Jeff Kwatinetz, Josh Barry, Barker and Adam Simon. The film is co-executive produced by Mark Miller, and produced by Jason Clark and Joe Micucci.

Books of Blood will premiere on Hulu Oct. 7.

Exclusively watch the film's trailer above.

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