Will other movies follow?
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As AMC Theatres prepares to reopen the first wave of U.S. cinemas next week — even if moviegoers may not be ready for such an outing — the company is adding another title to screens, one whose initial theatrical run was cut short by the global pandemic.

Bloodshot, starring Vin Diesel, will return to AMC locations starting this Aug. 20, the first day of reopening when movie tickets will cost 15 cents.

The film, adapted from the Valiant Comics title of the same name, premiered in American theaters on March 13, only to see movie theaters close down in the wake of the novel coronavirus days later. "So we're bringing it back!" a tweet from AMC reads.

Bloodshot already received a VOD release on March 24 as Americans were hunkering down at home in isolation and it's currently available to stream for Starz subscribers.

Bloodshot was certainly not the only movie to gets its planned theatrical release cut short. Pixar's Onward was another big one, while many studios opted for early at-home digital releases for major titles — some nixing theatrical plans altogether in favor of streaming and VOD. A rep for AMC Theatres noted Sonic the Hedgehog, I Still Believe, and Burnt Orange Heresy will also make theatrical comebacks for the first week of reopening.

Will more works follow these titles back into theaters? Will the majority of audiences pay, even a reduced price, to watch VOD releases on the big screen?

AMC announced on Thursday that its theaters will be reopening on Aug. 20 with a one-day-only promotion that offers movie tickets for the price of 15 cents. The New Mutants is one of the few new releases still set for theaters on Aug. 28, and AMC aims to have as much as two-thirds of its U.S. locations back up and running by the time Tenet is slated to debut on Sept. 3.

Meanwhile, the U.S. reported its highest number of nationwide COVID-19 deaths in a single day since mid-May. That day was this past Wednesday at nearly 1,500. The total number of COVID-19 cases in the country surpassed 5 million on Aug. 11, and it currently sits at approximately 5.23 million.

For the latest information on coronavirus (COVID-19), including how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you are sick, please visit coronavirus.gov.

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