Most of us will never get to meet Brad Pitt, but one would think "most of us" would not include Blake Lively.

As fans may recall, Pitt made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo in Deadpool 2 as the invisible hero Vanisher, appearing for a split second as the character dies by electrocution. (It's funnier in context.) In the comments of an Instagram post looking back on the cameo, Lively, who is married to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, quipped, "Weird... My husband didn't invite me to set that day."

Reynolds and Lively are known for trolling each other (and others) online, with this merely the latest instance.

Reynolds previously explained that Pitt did the cameo for free: "I wrote him a very thoughtful letter as to why I think this would be really fun, and funny, and would require no more than seven minutes of your time," Reynolds told EW in 2018. "Somehow the answer was yes. He said, 'I'd like to be paid in a Starbucks coffee.' I said, 'You mean the franchise or just like one individual beverage? Because the latter I can do."

Reynolds and Lively married in 2012 and welcomed their third child together in 2019, a daughter named Betty, as Taylor Swift fans are well aware by now.

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