Netflix's Light Up the Sky documentary preview shows the group grooving to the tune.


Even if you're hard on the outside, after seeing the latest clip from Blackpink's upcoming documentary Light Up the Sky, we promise that your heart will melt into puddle of saccharine goo.

Netflix unveiled Tuesday an adorable teaser from the nonfiction film — about the Korean girl group's meteoric rise to global stardom — showing the quartet in the studio listening to their Lady Gaga collaboration "Sour Candy" for the first time, and their reactions are simply the sweetest.

The brief teaser picks up as the group vogues, shimmies, and generally bops around to Gaga's vocals on the track, which was released in May as a promotional single ahead of the release of her sixth studio album Chromatica. As superproducer Teddy Park watches from a dark corner of the studio, Jisoo mouths lyrics to Jennie, while Rosé and Lisa morph their hands into tiny mouths and use their fingers to chomp up and down as Gaga repeats "take a bite, take a bite."

When the song ends, Jisoo exclaims that the song is "addictive" as her groupmates sing the lyrics on repeat.

Upon the release of "Sour Candy" earlier this year, Blackpink notched its highest-charting entry on the U.S. charts to date when the tune debuted at No. 33. They would go on to break their own record when  the Selena Gomez-assisted "Ice Cream" — the second single from their recent LP The Album — hit No. 13 three months later.

Directed by Caroline Suh (Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat), Light Up the Sky chronicles the group's time together creating The Album as well as highlighting individual moments with the ladies as they navigate sold-out world tours, Coachella, and the trappings of fame and worldwide success.

Light Up the Sky debuts Wednesday on Netflix. Watch the preview above.

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