"There's so many fascinating characters," says Howerton of the film, which details the rise and fall of the company that produced the titular device. "It’s amazing that the story isn’t more talked about."

In BlackBerry, Glenn Howerton and Jay Baruchel play two guys responsible for bringing the once very popular (and then not so much) titular smartphone to the masses.

"The movie is about the rise and fall of the company Research in Motion that created the BlackBerry," says Howerton of the film, the new trailer for which you can see below. "[It's about] the interesting and fascinating ways in which they rose to the top of the market, and singled out the BlackBerry as the most important phone in the world to have, and made it such a desirable device."

| Credit: IFC Films

He adds, "And, of course, the hubris of thinking you've figured it all out, and then something comes in like the iPhone and sweeps it all away from you before you realize it."

Barachul plays company founder Mike Lazaridis, while Howerton portrays former co-CEO Jim Balsillie, whom the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star describes as "a very savvy businessman who jumped into this venture when it was really just a bunch of tech guys who had no idea what they had on their hands."

He continues, "Jim had the relationships. He had the contacts. He had the personality and the drive to really push it forward."

Glenn Howerton in 'BlackBerry'
| Credit: IFC Films

Balsillie also has much less hair on his head than Howerton, but the actor managed to recreate his look in the film. "We made a decision very early on to shave my head instead of trying to wear a prosthetic or a bald cap, because I think it wouldn't have looked as good," Howerton says. "I really get distracted in movies by bad wigs and bad bald caps, so I wanted to avoid that as much as possible."

BlackBerry also stars Michael Ironside, Saul Rubinek, Cary Elwes, Rich Sommer, SungWon Cho, and Michelle Giroux. Directed by Matt Johnson, and distributed by IFC Films, the movie hits cinemas May 12.

Watch the trailer for BlackBerry below.

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