David Harbour is warning you: "Don't watch this until you've seen the movie!"

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Black Widow.

After a long and winding delay, Natasha Romanoff has finally gone on her final mission. Scarlett Johansson's solo Marvel film Black Widow is now playing in theaters and on Disney+, and if you've already seen the hilarious and poignant spy thriller with a surprising family twist, then you're in the right place because we're talking spoilers!

EW gathered Black Widow stars Johansson, David Harbour, Rachel Weisz, and Florence Pugh, along with director Cate Shortland, to discuss some of their favorite revelations from the MCU's latest film — and their answers are more surprising that Natasha's all-American upbringing in a sunny Ohio suburb in the '90s.

For Johansson, what she geeked out over most from the movie was finally finding out how her character was raised in a fake family unit of Russian spies in America.

"I had an idea of what Natasha's life was before, and then to go onto the set and see, 'Oh this is the Red Room, this is Dreykov, this is his office, this was the life before,' it was such a surreal thing to see all of that," Johansson says. "As actors we always build all that stuff up in our minds, and then you suddenly see it al put together by this extraordinary group of artists… It was very strange but it was cool. The safe house, imagining the time that Clint Barton and Natasha spent together in these small spaces and what actually happened in Budapest, just uncovering all of that stuff was very, very interesting. Surprising."

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Harbour's favorite moment came when Natasha forced her fake father figure, Alexei, to reckon with his past as Russia's only super-soldier, the Red Guardian, through a broken action figure of himself.

"For me, I did really like in the script the moment when he begins his journey, he gets the doll of himself that Natasha has hidden the earpiece in," Harbour says. "It's such an amazing thing for a character, and it's such a profound metaphor in a weird way too — like his eldest daughter, the one he messed up the most, sends this message in this older version of himself, and she's the one who guides him back to redemption, in a sense. I just thought that was such a beautifully weird thing to send this old doll of him."

Meanwhile Pugh remembers how when she first met Shortland, the director kept referring to one of the most "epic" scenes from the film, and getting to bring it life was nothing short of, well, epic. And Weisz remembers all the costume fittings for her own Widow suit as being a really big moment for her, as well as finally connecting with Shortland after "a while" of trying to work with her on her own.

Check out the full interview with Shortland and the cast above.

—Additional reporting by Devan Coggan.

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