Winslet voices the titular horse in the new film coming to the Disney streaming platform.

Mackenzie Foy of Twilight and The Conjuring is ready to take the reins of a new Black Beauty movie adaptation coming to the Disney+ streaming platform later this month.

In EW's exclusive trailer debut, author Anna Sewell's classic novel comes back to life with a more modern retelling, courtesy of writer-director Ashley Avis. Oh, and one more thing that's pointed out by the end of the preview: Oscar winner Kate Winslet voices the titular role of the horse known as Black Beauty.

This Black Beauty follows a wild, seemingly untamable horse born in the American West before rounded up and taken from her family to live at Birtwick Stables. There, the animal meets a young girl, Jo Green (Foy), who also lost her family. The two forge an unbreakable bond as new buyers threaten to take Beauty away again. "How can a horse save a person?" Well, little girl in the trailer, this movie will show you.

Iain Glen, Claire Forlani, and Calam Lynch also star in Black Beauty, which will premiere on Disney+ this Nov. 27.

Watch the trailer above.

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