Peppermint, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Jan, and Ginger Minj will roast your chestnuts with crackling wit in EW's exclusive peek at RuPaul's new VH1 holiday movie.

In RuPaul's new holiday movie The Bitch Who Stole Christmas, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse — that sweet sound is actually just "a couple of rats sucking each other off in the radiator," per Drag Race alum Ginger Minj in EW's exclusive preview of the upcoming VH1 comedy.

But before Mama Ru's gorgeous Christmas creatures can really get stirring, Ginger and her Drag Race sisters — including Jan, Brooke Lynn Hytes, and Peppermint — set the plot in motion in the clip below. The ladies partner with an undercover journalist, Krysta Rodriguez's Olivia (guised under the moniker "Maggie Zine"), for a dual mission: help the local Tuckahoe gals save their prized inn from imminent destruction at the hands of a greedy bank, and secretly snatch the Christmas-obsessed town's treasured Winter Ball pageant crown on the side at the behest of her ruthless editor, Hannah (RuPaul).

Season 12 and All Stars 6 alum Jan kicks off the preview (narrated by Drag Race judge Michelle Visage) as Jane McBeige, a "no personality" townie with dreams of becoming an international pop star — a clear satirical nod to Jan's run on the Emmy-winning reality competition series.

Jane, a local sex worker (Brooke), Tuckahoe's resident cab driver (Peppermint), and Ginger's Hazel, the inn's wise-cracking owner, cozy up to Olivia (whom they assume is a handmade journal maker after she lets it slip that she's a "journalist") just as a letter arrives announcing the bank's intention to steamroll the bar on Christmas Eve.

"I'm so behind on the loan, they're going to bulldoze the inn in five days!" Hazel says. "I guess that's just how banks work!"

Olivia then suggests they enter Tuckahoe's annual Winter Ball — won 11 years in a row by a shady band of housewives led by season 9 queen Jaymes Mansfield — to save the watering hole in time for the holidays.

"I may just be a girl named Maggie who makes journals, but I can feel it: There is magic in this inn!" Olivia says, just as a woman showering upstairs crashes through the bar's ceiling. It's in this magical moment that The Broads of Downtown are born, and the group joins together to slay the competition — even though Jane has to say "I'll do it" thrice before they acknowledge her interest.

When RuPaul's "Sissy That Walk" begins playing in the background, Olivia exclaims that "makeover montage" vibes are in the air, though Hazel reaffirms that she's actually just hearing a pair or horny rodents going at it in the heating system.

The Bitch Who Stole Christmas
'RuPaul's Drag Race' queens Peppermint, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Jan, and Ginger Minj star in 'The Bitch Who Stole Christmas.'
| Credit: VH1

Featuring the largest cast (20 queens!) of Drag Race personalities in a non-Drag Race project, The Bitch Who Stole Christmas premieres Thursday on VH1 — the same night the network is set to reveal the Drag Race season 14 cast, while Paramount+ will also debut the drag singing competition Queen of the Universe on its streaming platform.

Watch Rodriguez, Peppermint, Ginger, Brooke, and Jan in EW's exclusive preview of The Bitch Who Stole Christmas above.

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