The stars of the new Amazon film about rival ballerinas shared what it was like when one of them got a huge part the other also tested for.

While the competition between their characters in Birds of Paradise has them going for each other's jugular at times, actresses Diana Silvers (Booksmart) and Kristine Froseth (The Society) have had a much more chill experience going up for the same parts in real life.

The stars of the new Amazon film, in which they play two students at an elite Parisian ballet academy battling it out for one spot in the company of the Opéra national de Paris, joined EW for a round of burning questions that included Silvers asking Froseth if there have been times where she's found herself up against one of her friends for the same role.

Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth play two ballet students competing for a spot in a prestigious dance company.
| Credit: Katalin Vermes/Amazon

"Yes, this has happened several times," responds the actress who plays Marine Durand in the film, a top student at the academy who's just lost her brother to suicide. "But it's been a really positive experience. We've always been honest about it, talked about it, even helped each other out, talked about the script and everything, so we've even been in chemistry read rounds where it was me and my homie."

The answer spurs Silvers to reply "We'd been up against [each other] for quite a few things," and reveals "We both screen tested for Looking For Alaska." The actress, who plays ambitious academy newcomer Kate Sanders in the film, adds that she was a big fan of Hulu's limited series adaptation of John Green's breakout novel, which had Froseth in the titular role. "I texted you about it. I was like 'This was amazing.' You did such a good job."

Although they are in competition Kate (Silvers) and Marine (Froseth) do develop a friendship in 'Birds of Paradise.'
| Credit: Katalin Vermes/Amazon

Marine and Kate of Birds of Paradise could even learn a thing or two from the pair of actresses that play them about finding the friendlier aspects of being in competition with a peer. "There's so much room. It's apples and oranges. And you can only do your own best work, and there's room for everyone," shares Froseth. "I think we have a lot to learn from each other, so I think it's way better to be honest and talk about it, and just create that space."

Agreeing with her costar's sentiment, Silvers concludes, "We would not be here if there wasn't room for us."

Watch the full clip above to hear Silvers and Froseth answer even more burning questions. Birds of Paradise is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

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