Hey, Matt Damon, how do you like them Ben Affleck performances?

As part of EW's new Affleck cover story, which features Damon interviewing his longtime BFF, the Jason Bourne star picked his five favorite performances from Affleck.

"I didn't know he had five that he liked," jokes Affleck in the video above, in which he reacts to the selections.

Damon went with a pair of the duo's collaborations in Good Will Hunting and The Last Duel, as well as the Affleck-directed The Town and a possibly surprise pick in the underrated 2002 thriller Changing Lanes. Rounding out the five is The Way Back, which earned Affleck some of the best reviews of his career upon release in March 2020, including from this writer.

"Because of it being public that I'm a recovering alcoholic myself, I suppose it was, I guess, risky," says Affleck of playing Jack Cunningham, a former high school basketball standout who has fallen on hard times, leaving him drinking away his days and nights, until he's asked to coach his alma mater. "I just wanted to do something that's good, that I'm proud of, that I can show directors and actors that I know and respect and admire. Even though it was a character that was going through a lot of difficult things, it was really joyful, rewarding. I went home happy every day shooting that movie because I felt like it was so thrilling."

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