Ariana Grande may not have acquired the Midsommar May Queen dress, but she found a way to party Harga anyway.

The singer had a Midsommar-themed party to mark her 27th birthday on Friday, complete with her own May (or June?) Queen floral crown. Grande shared several photos from the party on Instagram, where the horror film's star Florence Pugh also expressed her approval.

“Mayqueeen!! Now have some mushroom tea,” Pugh wrote on her Instagram story alongside a video of Grande's party, referencing the psychedelic beverage served to her character in the film. Midsommar stars Pugh as a young woman who travels to Sweden with her horrible boyfriend, there encountering a pagan commune (the Harga) whose midsummer festival features some gruesome surprises.

Earlier this year, Grande expressed interest in buying the actual floral gown worn by Pugh in Midsommar, which distributor A24 put up for auction to raise money for coronavirus relief efforts. She's also expressed her appreciation for the film before; in November, she tweeted, "do u think it’s okay that midsommar is my favorite bedtime movie atm or should i seek help immediately."

Presumably, Grande's birthday party did not involve any sacrificial rituals or stuffing people into bear corpses, but hey, we weren't there.

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