The long-delayed X-Men spin-off sets a Comic-Con@Home panel later this month.

The New Mutants, director Josh Boone's long-(long-long-long-)delayed X-Men horror spin-off, will be bringing out the cast for a virtual Comic-Con panel later this month. In advance, Disney's 20th Century Studios has some brief, new footage to whet the appetite.

Boone once told EW he couldn't show any of the movie's special effects in the first trailer because they weren't done. He didn't finish up the film until last year when The New Mutants was put back on the studio's schedule after the Disney-Fox merger. Boone doesn't have this problem anymore.

The teaser gives glimpses of Anya Taylor-Joy in action as Magik, armed with her glowing supernatural sword. We also see how, through CGI wizardry, the powers of the other mutants, notably Sam (Charlie Heaton) and Bobby (Henry Zaga), will visually manifest.

The film sees five teen mutants held at a secret facility against their will. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams features as Rahne, known in the comics as Wolfsbane for her werewolf-like shape-shifting ability. Blu Hunt also stars as Dani, who, along with the others, are forced to face their greatest fears when some unknown force brings them to life through horrific apparitions.

In the footage, Anya, at first, swings her sword at Dani, who's protected by the same kind of energy forcefield that keeps them all trapped at the facility. Perhaps whatever's coming during the panel will shed more light on these moments.

The New Mutants panel will assemble online Thursday, July 23 at 2 p.m. PT. The film, which has been delayed numerous times, currently has a release date in theaters for Aug. 28.

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