Check out what the evil toy has been up to on the Warner Bros. lot.

How has the possessed doll Annabelle been spending lockdown? To be honest, I've had other things to be concerned about over the past few months, what with one thing and another. But the question has nevertheless been answered in a video Warner Bros. released to mark National Doll Day, which apparently takes place annually on the first Sunday in August.

In the video we see Annabelle sitting patiently in the New Line offices on the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles for the first few days of lockdown and then wandering off to make popcorn, watch the most recent movie to feature herself — last year's Annabelle Comes Home — catch some rays, mess around with the photocopier, stare at some goldfish, and play with a ouija board.

Finally, we see Annabelle heading off in a golf cart to parts unknown, but not before putting on a mask. Hey, she may be a supernatural killer — but she ain't crazy!

Watch the video above.

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