Gower, who says he nearly died, was admitted to the hospital and a pacemaker was installed.
Andre Gower
Andrew Gower
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The Monster Squad actor André Gower was hospitalized over the weekend after suffering a heart attack. According to a statement on the Gofundme page set up to help cover his medical bills, the actor fell ill while playing tennis and was subsequently rushed to urgent care, where it was confirmed that Gower, 48, had suffered a severe heart attack. He was taken to a hospital and a pacemaker was installed in his heart.

On Sunday, Gower recorded a video from his hospital bed which was posted to Facebook.

"Yesterday, I apparently went and had a heart attack," said the actor, "and apparently, according to the info, it was a pretty decent one. I was playing tennis with my good buddy Mike, I started not feeling really well, and, long story short, after a few minutes of not getting better, my buddy Mike scooped me up in his car. And we first went to an urgent care, and they immediately saw what was happening, and threw me in an ambulance, and I jammed over to the big ER, and wasn't there very long, went straight to the cath lab [catheterization laboratory], so from almost the door to the ambulance to the cath lab, and had two lines put in my femoral artery and vein, they went up in through the vessels into my heart and apparently... my right coronary artery ended up being 100 percent blocked with a giant blood clot... Apparently, according to the people that worked on me and the excellent cath lab team, we got here with about 10 minutes to spare... That's the update there, I am still in the ICU, they've just removed my two main lines, which is good, which means my heart is working adequately enough to take the pacemaker out and the lines. But we'll see in another day or two and go from there."

The Monster Squad
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Gower's credits include the TV shows Days of Our Lives and Valerie, but he's best known for playing the role of Sean in the 1987 horror-comedy The Monster Squad, which was directed by Fred Dekker and written by Dekker and Shane Black. A box office failure on its release, the film would go on to garner a huge cult following, as Gower detailed in his 2018 documentary Wolfman's Got Nards.

"It was certainly disappointing at the time," Gower told EW in 2018 about the movie's initial failure. "You work so hard and the box office just completely doesn't happen. But then you learned years later that everybody found it on HBO and at their local video store."

You can donate money to help pay for Gower's medical bills at the gofundme page.

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