By Rachel Yang
September 06, 2020 at 09:54 PM EDT
Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Production on the Andrea Riseborough-led film Geechee has been suspended after a crew member was injured in the Dominican Republic, EW has confirmed. Deadline first broke the news.

A representative for Lantica Media, a production services company in the country that operates the production site for Geechee, provided EW an account of an alleged incident that led to the injury. According to the production company, on the night of Wednesday, Sept. 2, a crew member scouting locations for the movie was injured by agents of the Dominican Drug Control Forces (DDCF).

"The incident was the result of an undercover operation carried out by DNCD agents in the vicinity and is considered to be a case of mistaken identity," Lantica's statement read.

The statement went on to say that while the incident occurred during the curfew time imposed by the Dominican government to control COVID-19, the crew had the proper permits issued by the authorities. The crew member was immediately taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released several hours later.

EW has reached out to the DDCF for comment.

Lantica also said that AGC Studios, which is producing the movie, announced that production has been suspended until further notice. EW has reached out to representatives for the studio to confirm this development.

"Lantica Media has requested a thorough investigation from the national authorities. The authorities have been cooperative and are working to ensure that a similar incident does not happen again in the future," the statement concluded. "For Lantica Media, the top priority is to guarantee the safety and well-being of its productions, this being the first time that an event of this nature has occurred in any of the 50 plus productions serviced by Lantica since its inception."

Deadline said its sources reported that the crew member was "shot several times but only suffered minor injuries" and was later flown home. The alleged incident took place in the vicinity of Lantica Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios, where the production is housed. Local agents pursued and open fired on a group of cars containing filming crew who were location scouting, according to Deadline. The pursuit continued to the studios where other crew members were preparing for the day’s filming. They were then allegedly held at gunpoint until the situation was diffused and it was established that the crews were innocent bystanders.

Geechee began filming Aug. 19, after it was originally scheduled to start in March but was delayed due to the pandemic. Birdman actress Riseborough is starring as a successful New York scientist who decides to leave the city with her son to start life over in the remote Sea Islands off the Atlantic Coast.

Jamie Foxx and Datari Turner Productions are co-producing the film.

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