The Long Shot star takes two roles in this comedy about a 1920s American worker who finds himself in the year 2020 after being brined in pickle juice for 100 years.

Seth Rogen and his costar, Seth Rogen, are in a bit of a situation. A pickle, one might say.

In the first trailer for An American Pickle, the comedian's new film for the HBO Max streaming platform, Rogen takes on two roles for another outlandish comedy.

One of his characters, Herschel Greenbaum, is a 1920s immigrant laborer who arrives in America to give his family a better life. While working in a factory, he falls into a vat of pickles and, through the magic of science that is 100-percent totally real, is perfectly brined for 100 years, after which he wakes up in the year 2020. The other Rogen character, Ben Greenbaum, is Herschel's great-grandson living in 21st century Brooklyn.

Brandon Trost, who served as cinematographer on past Rogen films like The Interview and Neighbors, directs the film. Writer Simon Rich wrote the adapted screenplay based on his own story from the New Yorker series Sell Out.

An American Pickle was once heading for a premiere in theaters before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the majority of venues. Instead of delaying the release further, Sony Pictures sold worldwide rights to WarnerMedia's HBO Max, which will debut the film on Aug. 6.

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