A beautiful young couple moves into an idyllic farmhouse in the Hudson Valley — what could possibly go wrong?

If the first trailer for Netflix's upcoming thriller Things Heard and Seen is any indication, the answer is a lot. In it, Amanda Seyfried and James Norton play married couple Catherine and George Clare, who move to a historic hamlet in New York's Hudson Valley and come to discover that their marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals their new home's history.

The trailer hints at unseen forces and the house's mysterious past, that everyone seems to know about except for Catherine. "I'm starting to see things, and I'm afraid to tell George about it," Seyfried's character says ominously.

In an interview with EW in January, writer-directors Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman (American Splendor) teased what viewers can expect from the film, which is based on Elizabeth Brundage's 2016 novel All Things Cease to Appear. "I find it more of a literary ghost story, in the tradition of Turn of the Screw and things like that. And there's a gothic kind of quality to it, with the heroine kind of searching for her freedoms and with the supernatural element. I mean, the real horror of the story is the marriage," Pulcini said. "It has ghosts, and it has murder, but it also has a real emotional drama," Berman added.

Things Heard and Seen also stars Natalia DyerRhea Seehorn, Alex Neustaedter, and F. Murray Abraham. The film hits Netflix April 29.

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