By Sydney Bucksbaum
September 29, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT

Tyler Posey is trading in werewolves for zombies with his new movie Alone.

EW has your exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming horror thriller starring the Teen Wolf alum about a global pandemic that turns people into bloodthirsty zombies called ″screamers." It's an eerily appropriate movie for obvious reasons, but it takes social distancing to a whole new level as Posey's character Aidan faces much higher stakes than all of us are currently in real-life.

The movie begins after the pandemic hits, turning people into screamers one morning. Lonely surfer Aidan barricades himself inside his apartment to try and stay alive. But just as he's ready to give up hope, he sees his attractive neighbor Eva (Summer Spiro, Westworld) across his apartment complex's courtyard. Soon the two become socially distanced friends, and Aidan starts to figure out a way to rescue her.


But in this exclusive sneak peek, you can see that his plans hit a major speed bump when his apartment complex gets overrun by screamers as the world falls into chaos. Check out Posey's character fighting off a zombie above now.

Along with Posey and Spiro, Alone also stars Donald Sutherland as Aidan and Eva's eccentric neighbor who could either be their chance for safety ... or total destruction.


Alone debuts everywhere on Digital and On Demand on October 16 and arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on October 20.

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