"You're not letting her go out like that, are you?"

Alicia Silverstone still loves her Calvins.

Not the underwear, whatever Cher Horowitz's father might think, but a Calvin Klein dress. On Monday, the Clueless star celebrated her classic teen comedy's 26th anniversary by recreating a memorable moment from the film on social media.

In the infamous "It looks like underweah!" scene, Cher's dad, Mel (Dan Hedaya), calls her in to assess her outfit at Josh's (Paul Rudd) suggestion and deems it to be lacking in coverage. Silverstone used the original audio from the movie in a new take on the scene with her son, Bear, stepping into the role of Mel in a too-big suit jacket and glasses.

She also gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the moment came together, sharing photos of getting into costume with her son to create the sweet moment. "Loved playing dress up with Bear for our #Clueless TikTok!" Silverstone wrote. "Just look at how cute he is in the oversized jacket and those glasses."

The actress has a propensity for bringing Clueless scenes back to life. She previously put on Cher's yellow plaid blazer and recreated the "As if!" scene with her son to mark her TikTok debut.

As to whether we'll ever get tired of her new takes on these indelible moments, well, does it say R.S.V.P on the Statue of Liberty?

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