The second film had only shown audiences glimpses of what the chaos was like when the monsters first invaded earth.

The next A Quiet Place movie is officially a prequel.

As part of the goings-on at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this year, Paramount Pictures revealed the title of the next installment of John Krasinski's horror franchise, and it has some pretty clear implications.

The film will be called A Quiet Place: Day One, which was revealed during a sizzle reel at Paramount's CinemaCon panel. It should be noted that this is the title of the spin-off movie, set to be directed by Michael Sarnoski (Pig), who came in as a replacement for Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols, who was previously attached but has since dropped out.

A more formal A Quiet Place — Part III is still in the cards for a 2025 release and Krasinski, who directed Part I and Part II, is expected to take the reins on that film.

Evelyn (Emily Blunt) braves the unknown in "A Quiet Place Part II."
| Credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Paramount Pictures

As for Day One, this means we'll more than likely be seeing the spin-off go back to the first day the creatures from above came to earth. We already saw how that played out in Lee (Krasinski) and Evelyn Abbott's (Emily Blunt) small, rural town. A Quiet Place — Part II revealed a giant object falling from the sky, bringing with it these ferocious monsters that hunt by sound.

Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe also starred in the first two films as Abbott children Regan and Marcus. Cillian Murphy's Emmett was then revealed in Part II as being present in their town that fateful day the aliens invaded.

But as we know, the world of A Quiet Place keeps expanding, even with just two movies so far. And there are plenty of other survivors who had to adapt in various ways to this new normal. It also means some familiar characters could logistically make an appearance, including Emmett and Djimon Hounsou's character, credited simply as "Man on Island."

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