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Smile tops the box office with $22 million, moviegoers frown at Bros
Billy Eichner's rom-com couldn't beat out director Parker Finn's horror film on the first weekend of spooky season.
Billy Eichner reveals why those hilarious A-list cameos happen at the end of Bros
Eichner exclusively explains why he wanted Ben Stiller, Amy Schumer, Kenan Thompson, Seth Meyers, and more to appear in the gay rom-com.
Binx vs. Cobweb: Who's the superior Hocus Pocus cat?
Choose your fighter: A cat who talks (!!!) or a cat who sides with a deceptive man that tricks teenage girls into resurrecting murderous witches?
Hocus Pocus 2 post-credits scene teases potential Sanderson Sisters return
Make sure you watch the Hocus Pocus 2 credits all the way through.

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