Rose Glass' new horror movie tells the chilling tale of a demented nurse.

Tis the season for Easter cheer, and the new trailer for A24‘s upcoming horror movie Saint Maud has fittingly arrived just in time to ruin all of your religious comforts!

From debut filmmaker Rose Glass, Saint Maud follows a young hospice nurse, Maud (Morfydd Clark), caring for a sick patient, Amanda, (Jennifer Ehle) while grappling with her own conflicted past.

After becoming infatuated with Amanda, Maud — a recent Roman Catholic convert — suspects she’s the victim of a demonic possession, and it makes sense, given that she has visions of bloody bodies, floats into the air in the middle of the night, and seemingly can’t enjoy an evening out at the pub without a swirling tornado from hell manifesting itself in her beer.

The new trailer also features a delightful scene in which a woman puts her full weight on a pair of broken ankles (complete with a delectable crunching sound) and Maud lights herself on fire. Spring has truly sprung!

Saint Maud — which debuted to glowing reviews at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival — creeps into theaters on April 3. Watch the new trailer above.

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