The Green Knight

Dev Patel is setting off on a chivalric quest in the upcoming fantasy film The Green Knight — but judging by the moody first trailer, this isn’t your usual storybook tale.

Based on Arthurian legend and directed by David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Disney’s live-action Pete’s Dragon), The Green Knight stars Patel as the gallant but headstrong Sir Gawain, who seeks to prove his place at his uncle’s Round Table. When asked by King Arthur (Sean Harris) to recount a tale of his conquests, Gawain confesses he has none. “Yet,” interjects the Queen (Kate Dickie). “You have none to tell yet.”

To make a name for himself, Gawain sets out to challenge the invincible Green Knight (Ralph Ineson), but he finds that his road to glory is winding and shadowed by fantastical beasts and the promise of spilled blood. Through a combination of his will, wits, and sheer strength, Sir Gawain must overcome all obstacles to secure his honor and earn his legendary status in the kingdom.

The Green Knight — which also stars Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, and Barry Keoghan — hits theaters May 29. Watch the first trailer above, and check out the poster below.

The Green Knight
Credit: A24

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The Green Knight
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